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Shield Wall Legal was officially started by Maryville attorney Lucas Abbott in 2020. It was started as an initiative to better serve the underserved population of East Tennessee. The term “shield wall” refers to a military maneuver dating back to the seventh century. A shield wall is when everyone comes together, raises their defenses, and each person aids another by enforcing them. They cover with shields places on each other’s bodies that would otherwise be exposed. Due to this fortification, the maneuver can be used for defending as well as attacking.


That is where Shield Wall Legal takes its characteristics. We provide teamwork, and help one another to make sure that nobody has any weaknesses. We can do anything whether attacking or defending.


Our attorneys at Shield Wall Legal are well-versed in contracts, real estate, car accidents and personal injury, wills and trusts, business law, and the constitution. We know what the people in our community want because we are the people in our community. Shield Wall Legal strives to make the world a better place for our family and friends around us. Just as our families have aided and protected the people of East Tennessee for hundreds of years.


The firm was founded as a Maryville law firm, but we also serve Knoxville, Alcoa, Lenoir City, Greenback, Walland, Townsend, and all of East Tennessee. We hold free legal clinics in Maryville and Knoxville. We also host a referral program, for those who cannot afford traditional legal services.


You can find all of our services on our websites. Click on biographies to learn more about those who serve in the shield wall. Find our services and backgrounds page to know more about us. Further, you can find information on our legal clinics.

Check Our Historical Journey

Lucas Abbott began developing his work with the East Tennessee community which would eventually become Shield Wall Legal.
A pro bono program was started. It started with troubled juveniles but eventually merged into wills, trusts, landlord/tenant, contracts, business formation, and Native American law.
Award given for logging over 100 hours of pro bono service
The ink was finally put on the papers.

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Lucas Abbott


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