Real Estate and Construction

If you are somebody looking to acquire title to a piece of land or property, a real estate agent looking for an attorney to review contracts, are a tenant living in horrible conditions, or a property owner looking to sell or enforce their ownership of property, our property lawyers in Maryville and Knoxville will be happy to help.


Tenant Law

Many people make the choice to rent instead of buying property. This number is especially high due to the price of homes tripling over the past few years. The benefits of renting include having a landlord who will fix your appliances and provide a liveable condition.


This means working appliances, water, stable fans and fixtures which will not fall down. Additionally, a landlord owes you honesty about previous tenants, parking spaces, and a reasonable amount of quiet. Sometimes, the landlord breaches this obligation.


If you have tried to get your landlord to help and have received no intervention, we can help.


Property Owners

If you are selling your property and need a contract made or reviewed, our property lawyers can help. Perhaps you are a home owner having disputes with others about property lines, easements, fences? Our Maryville and Knoxville property lawyers can help. If you are buying property and need to be sure that you are acquiring a clean title, we can help.


Real Estate

Our attorneys work closely with mortgage lenders, brokers, and real estate agents. If you are any of these things looking for an attorney, or law firm, to partner with on your land sales, our Maryville and Knoxville property attorneys can help.



Our Maryville and Knoxville property lawyers have years of experience working with real estate agents, fighting property claims, and working property cases.