Constitutional Rights

If you need a gun trust created, have a freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or second amendment issue, our Maryville and Knoxville constitutional lawyers can help you.


The U.S. Constitution

The United States Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever produced. The Constitution keeps the government from banning some religions and supplementing their own. It allows free people to conduct free speech. It also allows citizens to keep and bear arms. Our lawyers are passionate about fighting for the constitutional rights of Americans.


Second Amendment

We took place in fighting the bump-stock ban and continue to fight against red flag laws and legislation illegally implemented by the executive branch and administrative agencies. Additionally, our law firm has written several gun trusts to protect you, your firearms, and your class III weapons and suppressors.


First Amendment

Another area of constitutional laws is that of freedom of religion in schools. The most pressing constitutional matter as of late has been the teaching in the school systems. Schools adopting inflammatory textbooks which teach, among other things, CRT against the order of Tennessee banning them.


Takings and Prohibition

If the government has condemned your business, your house, or your property, we can help. The government can take your property, that you have worked hard to earn, through eminent domain with very little effort. This is especially true in Tennessee due to shady legislation.


How We Can Help

If you have a constitutional issue related to curriculum taught in schools, your second amendment rights, or your free speech has been violated, our Maryville and Knoxville constitutional lawyers would be happy to help you.