Wills and Trusts

If you are in need of a will, living will, or a trust, look no further. Our Maryville and Knoxville wills and trusts attorneys can help.


The Will

What can be more important than being able to control your own property? As many as 70% of Americans die without having a will. This can be for several reasons. One, they do not want to ponder their own death. Two, they do not believe they own enough to justify a will.


To handle the first question, not wanting to think about dying is a fair reason; however, leaving your family, your estate, or the court to decide and fight over your property is sufficiently more destructive. Even when somebody dies with a will, their family members will often ruthlessly tear into one another. That is where a law firm, lawyer, or attorney comes in to write the will and see that it is upheld.


Further, it is also important to take care of your family, your community, or whatever/whomever else you feel obliged to help. To answer the second reason given, many people do not believe they have enough to justify the making of a will. However, a will is much more than just the distribution of wealth.


A will can create a trust and name caretakers for your children if they are still minors. For as simple as a will is to construct, you will be able to control yourself, your property, and take care of your loved ones’ even after death. Our Maryville and Knoxville wills and trusts attorneys can help you create your will.


The Living Will

The will only comes into being when someone dies. Thus, it is a dead instrument until it springs to life when the individual is postmortem. However, there is a very relevant document called a living will. A living will, as the name would indicate, is alive when the person is alive.


Just like a will controls your property, a living will controls your body. You can dictate what is to be done should you fall seriously ill. What type of treatment you want and whether you want to be put on life support indefinitely.


Our Maryville and Knoxville wills and trusts lawyers can help you with your living will as well.


The Trust

Trusts are like bank accounts created by a person for the benefit of others. All matters of things can be placed in this trust including money and property. The creator appoints beneficiaries and a trustee to make distributions to those beneficiaries.


The concept of a trust is skewed. It is not only for the incredibly rich. For instance, it can be partnered with a will to provide a trust fund for your children should you die and they are under 18. Our attorneys can create a care trust in order to take care of disabled family members or pets after the creator of the trust dies.


Trusts can also be used on things like firearms, suppressors, and class III items so multiple people can have access to these things without violating the law. Also, so that the items would revert to the other members of the trust upon the death of the owner of such an item and not have to be surrendered to the government.


Our Maryville and Knoxville wills and trusts attorneys can help with your trusts as well.



Shield Wall has created dozens of wills and trusts. It is the desire of ours to ensure everyone has a will and the peace of mind that goes along with one.