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What Is Considered a Contract?

“Contracts” is a catch-all term that can mean many things. Business contracts, sales agreements, leases, assignments, non-disclosure agreements, rental agreement, construction contracts, etc. Almost all elements of sales, rentals, employments, and business are put in a contract.


Unfortunately, these contracts are often long and contain “legalese.” Legalese meaning definitions that look like they were pulled right out of a 13th century diary. This is intentional. It is designed to get you to sign the agreement without ever even understanding what you are signing. That is why a contracts lawyer is necessary. They serve as an interpreter.


Additionally, there are terms of art. Things have a meaning in law that are different from their definitions in the dictionary. Thus, one can see a word, believe they know what it means; yet, believe it to mean something completely different.


Another aspect of contracts is putting things in a contract which force people to waive their rights without understanding what they are doing. Contracts often force arbitration clauses. Most people will not know what they are signing, but they are surrendering their right to sue the other party if they are wronged.


Whether you are stuck in a contract, need one created, or need one reviewed, our Maryville and Knoxville contracts lawyers will be happy to help.



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