December 30, 2022 In Advovacy, Business

Shield Wall On The News

Attorney Lucas Abbott was on WATE Living East Tennessee talking about Shield Wall Legal, his approach to practicing law, and what got him into law to begin with. You can see the full story here:…

December 10, 2022 In Advovacy, Business

Are Killer Robots Legal? San Francisco Robots Will Be Back.

I never thought this topic would come up, and I never thought that I would have to be the one discussing this. But here we are; we are about to discuss the killer robots, as…

December 7, 2022 In Advovacy, Business

How Much Do Lawyers Charge?

This article is going to discuss the payment of lawyers. It will answer questions like how much should I pay a lawyer? Am I paying my lawyer too much? What is a retainer agreement? And…

December 1, 2022 In Advovacy, Business

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Car Accident?

You need an attorney for your car accident, this article will tell you why.